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The Augustbird Tea Time yarn club - September

Posted on September 15 2015

I am happy reveal to you the September installment of the Augustbird Tea Time yarn club! If you are a club member and have stumbled into this post by mistake please be warned there are SPOILERS below…

This month's tea flavour is Chamomile Citron, by Scullery Made! Let me start by saying that Chamomile Citron is currently my all time favourite herbal tea. Yep. All. Time. Favourite. I’ve always been a big fan of chamomile tea but once I tried this one it’s been almost impossible to go back to regular-old-chamomile!

Chamomile Citron, as the name suggests, is a divine blend of chamomile, lemon grass and locally grown lemon verbena and lemon balm. The lovely little chamomile flower heads look so pretty when you scoop them into the teapot.

Chamomile Citron. Photograph by Scullery Made.

This tea is beautifully subtle and comforting. The lemon flavours are uplifting and add a hint of freshness to the brew. I love to drink it in the evenings, although I’ve also started drinking it through the day as well. It’s a great comforter when I’m feeling stressed, uptight or down. Step aside chocolate ice cream, this tea is the new comfort food!

This month's hand dyed colourway, also named Chamomile Citron, is photographed below on Augustbird Bowerbird (White Gum Wool 8ply).

Chamomile Citron on Augustbird Bowerbird (100% ethical superfine merino 8ply yarn)

When I was designing the colourway I knew it just had to be something, subtle, calm and unobtrusive. Something that was comforting, like a warm bath yet fresh like a summer breeze. Something soothing and gentle. I came up with the colourway (pictured above) which I feel really encapsulates the experience of drinking this tea.

The yarn base this month is Augustbird Bowerbird and there are 5 additional skeins available (for Tea Time yarn club members only). Any additional skeins purchased will be sent out with club packages later this week.

The pattern this month is In Solitude by Alicia Plummer.

In Solitude. Photograph by Alicia Plummer.

These simple, understated mitts are a perfect match for the colourway and tea this month. They are warm, comforting and soft. Oh and I should mention they are completely reversible as well!

Here is a little passage from Alica’s pattern notes describing her thinking behind the design:

“Peaceful stillness permeates the late summer air as a brisk chill sets in. The sun quickly drops in the sky and a lazy quiet settles over the atmosphere. Fluffy white clouds mingle against a golden blue sunset as the day ends.”

- Alicia Plummer, In Solitude.

In Solitude will be sent to Tea Timers in digital format this month, so keep an eye on your inboxes later this week.

Thank you Alicia for this beautiful pattern, thank you Scullery Made for your peaceful brew and thank you to all our lovely Tea Time club subscribers.

Phew. Time for a cuppa.






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