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Augustbird Jane Austen yarn club - November

Posted on November 25 2015

Augustbird Jane Austen Yarn Club November 2015

Well I have finished Augustbird clubs for the year! This has been a big month for Augustbird, Almost 100 club parcels to send out for Tea Time and Jane Austen. I am so grateful to everyone who joined in this year. Thank you it's been so much fun! I feel sad that it is coming to an end, though I’m looking forward to a little Christmas break with my family.

Thank you Jane Austen Club members for patiently waiting for your shipments. I’m happy to say that they are going out today/tomorrow!

The book I chose to focus on this month was PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I wonder if any of you noticed the little clues I left for you?

Augustbird Jane Austen Yarn Club Clue

Augustbird Jane Austen Yarn Club

“How shall I bare so much happiness!” Jane Bennet, Pride and Prejudice.


Now for the exclusive Augustbird Jane Austen inspired colourways…

The Peak on Fantail

 Augustbird Jane Austen colourway The Peak on Songbird

The Fantail colourway, The Peak,  is inspired by the Peak District and the trip that Elizabeth takes with her aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Gardener. Although the below quote is taken from the BBC series rather than Jane Austen’s book I feel that it really sums up my feelings towards the place and this colourway.

“And surely these southern counties have nothing to compare to the wild and untamed beauty of The Peaks.”

The Peak Jane Austen

The Peak District is such a breathtakingly beautiful place. I was lucky enough to travel there when I was little and to revisit as uni student. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get to visit Chatsworth House (The house Pemberley was based on). Maybe one day…




A Great Reader on Songlark

Augustbird Jane Austen colourway A Great Reader 

The Songlark colourway, A Great Reader, is all about the girl battles. Ahhh, what’s not to love about the battle of Caroline Bingley and Elizabeth Bennet?

“I am not a great reader, and I have pleasure in many things.”

~ Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice Yarn club

I thoroughly enjoy the banter that goes on between these two woman. I’ve chosen pink to represent a bit of girl power here! This colourway subtle and rather civilized, but still stands on it own two feet.


Redcoat Mania on Bowerbird

Augustbird Jane Austen colourway Redcoat Mania

The Bowerbird colourway is, Redcoat Mania. Do I need to explain this one? I’ll give you a hint.. Beatlemania. ;-)

 Redcoat Mania


Mrs Hurst’s Lace on Boobook

Augustbird Jane Austen colourway Mrs Hurst's Lace

And last but not least the Boobook colourway, Mrs Hurst's Lace, a bit of light hearted fun, care of Mrs Bennet.

Mrs Bennet’s overly enthusiastic and dramatic nature and her interactions with Mr Bennet are solid gold for me. Mum and I have amused ourselves countless times quoting and mimicking Mrs Bennet's antics and I confess I cannot read Pride and Prejudice without picturing (and hearing) Alison Steadman as Mrs Bennet, was she not born to play this role?! Even something so trivial as the lace on Mrs Hurst’s gown is SUCH a hot topic in the Bennet house hold. Hehe I love it.

“No lace. No lace Mrs Bennet I beg you!”

~ Jane Austen

 No lace Pride and Prejudice

 I hope you all enjoy your packages and I look forward to seeing what you knit with your Jane Austen inspired yarn.

Thank you so much to all our wonderful members.

Happy creating!










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