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Augustbird Pattern

Welcome Yarn Lovers!

Hi there! Welcome to Augustbird. My name is Rebecca Robinson, I am an artist with a background in graphic design. I love knitting, old movies and pretty vintage things. For me, Augustbird is all about happiness and creativity and it is the realisation of a long held dream. 

Rebecca Robinson - Augustbird
Augustbird yarns are dyed by hand, by me, in my small home studio in the Adelaide hills. I use a variety of techniques to gently manipulate the yarn with layers of colour, transforming it into something special. My colourways are a form of expression; a blend of emotion, experimentation and artistry. This is my way of interpreting the world around me and I find meaning and connections through my work.

The Yarn

My yarn base is White Gum Wool. It’s the softest, loveliest superfine merino you’ll ever find. White Gum Wool sheep are raised on a single farm by Nan Bray, in the high midlands of Tasmania. I am so grateful to Nan Bray of White Gum Wool for supplying me with the most amazing yarn. I am ever in admiration of Nan's earth-friendly and sheep-friendly farming practices.

A word on the hand-dyeing process

The beautiful thing about hand-dyeing is the subtle changes in colour and tone that you will not find on commercially dyed yarn. I do not consider slight spotting or colour variations to be imperfections; rather I believe these variations add beauty and depth to my unique yarns. Although many of the Augustbird colourways are repeatable, each dye lot will be a little different and each skein will be special in its own way. For large projects I do advise you order enough skeins for the complete work from the same dye lot. For an even spread of colour over a large knitted garment it is a good idea to alternate skeins every few rows.

You are part of the story too

The Augustbird story merely begins with me, it is you who becomes the artist when you select that special skein. How will you transform it into something uniquely yours? What stitch patterns will you choose? How will the colours blend and evolve as you go? It’s exciting to think of the possibilities and I am so happy to be a small part of your creative journey.
Happy creating,
Augustbird Pink Heart

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