Augustbird Hand Dyed Yarn Club Colourways

Nature Trails Yarn Club: Summer Colourways Reveal

Here we are for another Nature Trails Hand-Dyed Yarn Club reveal, the Summer Colourways! It was such a joy to really explore my home over the early summer months and create these colourways for you. If you were lucky enough to be part of the Summer edition of this Yarn Club I hope you are loving your yarn and if you missed out don't worry, autumn club spots will be coming out soon, just make sure you are on the Yarn Club List


Nature Trails Hand Dyed Yarn Club Summer Colourways

What is the Nature Trails Yarn Club

Come on a journey with me as I explore my beautiful home, through the seasons. This is a seasonal club with different colourways for each changing season. 

Nature Trails is a unique Yarn Club that brings you exclusive, nature inspired, hand-dyed yarn colourways that are an expression of my experiences around my beautiful Australian bush home. There are two new colourways that come out four times a year for each of the seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. 

Club spots are limited and available only to my Yarn Club VIPs. If you are not already on the list you can join here.

Nature Trails Hand Dyed Yarn Club Summer Colourways

Nature Trails Yarn Club Summer Colourway: Frog Party

We are fortunate to have an abundance of little frogs around our property. Most of them are around during the wetter parts of the year and make a delightful, constant chirping sound, similar to that of crickets. This was one of the first things I noticed when we moved here from our suburban house to this magical bush home.

At the start of each year in the summer, however, a different frog comes to play, and it loves to party at night. For quite some time, let's just say I found this frog to be... not so delightful. It croaks away each night outside my bedroom window and keeps me awake. It’s so loud I have always pictured it to be a big ugly toad, but in fact, it is a tiny and rather cute little frog.

It got to the point that I was starting to go a wee bit crazy, so my hubby took it upon himself to find and rehome the little troublemaker to a different wet area down in the paddock. That night... two new frogs had a party outside my bedroom window.

The next day my little boy found two culprits and rehomed them to a safe place out of earshot. That night... multiple frogs joined in the frog party outside my window. I am unsure as to whether the same frog was returning each night bringing new friends or if there are just so many of them out there ready to party, but either way, it became clear that the frogs were here to stay.

This experience reminded me that we cannot control what happens outside of us, but we can control how we react and what we do about it. And so I have had to learn a lesson in patience and acceptance.

Now I may not have changed my tune overnight, but I’m happy to say that this little frog and his party of friends are still boogying all night, yet they no longer bother me. They are just one part of a menagerie of critters and nature sounds that come alive at night and send me off into the land of dreams.

The colourway ‘Frog Party’ is my interpretation of the energy of the partying frogs, the sounds of nature, and my journey of acceptance.

I hope you enjoy this yarn as much as I did creating it.

Not on the VIP Yarn Club list? Join here. 

Nature Trails Hand Dyed Yarn Club Summer Colourways

Nature Trails Hand Dyed Yarn Club Summer Colourways

Nature Trails Hand Dyed Yarn Club Summer Colourways

Nature Trails Yarn Club Summer Colourway: Rain on Gum Leaves

We’ve had an unusually wet start to the Summer, which is a blessing as it keeps everything fresh and reduces bushfire risk, which is something that we have to be mindful of every summer.

Something that I’ve always loved is heavy summer rain. I spent some of my childhood living in England and the thing I missed most about home was what I called at the time “Big rain” or “Fat rain”. I missed the sheer size of the raindrops, the feeling of them and the sound on my tin roof as opposed to the fine, misty drizzle that I experienced in the UK.

Here in my lovely bush home I adore the smell of fresh rain on the dry, leaf covered earth and the sound of the rain through the trees. It makes me feel like I am fully connected with nature and my surroundings, there is such a richness to it.  It feels incredibly grounding and yet uplifting all at once. Summer rain makes me feel cosy, calm and comforted.

When creating this colourway I trying to capture my feelings of deep rooted connection and that rich groundedness.

I hope you can find some connection and comfort in this little skein in your own way as well.

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Nature Trails Hand Dyed Yarn Club Summer Colourways

Future Club Plans

Feeling inspired by what you see here and want to be in on the act? The good news is that I release new spots to this nature inspired club every three months so there are still opportunities to join in the yarny fun. The only thing you need to do is make sure you are on the VIP Yarn Club list. Once you are on the list I will contact you each time there is a new Yarn Club release. 

The next instalment of the Nature Trails Hand-dyed Yarn Club will be Autumn, and spots will be opening for this late February. 



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