New Colourway for White Gum Wool

I’ve been working on another colourway for Nan at White Gum Wool. It’s called Ashmore and is inspired by the Ashmore Reef off the northwest coast of Australia.

You can now purchase Ashmore here.

Back when Nan was a marine physicist a project involving Ashmore Reef was actually the reason she came to Tasmania, so it is something that she holds very dear. I feel honoured to be involved in translating something that is so special to Nan into a unique colourway for WGW. Here is a sneak peek of Ashmore, I hope you like it and I hope that I have done its namesake justice.


Please be aware that these images are examples only and that the final colourway will be commercially dyed and slightly different. I must say that Peter Chatterton worked wonders translating my previous design, Silver Tussock, into a commercially dyed colourway so I do not think you will be disappointed. Ashmore will be available on White Gum Wool 8ply and 4ply and is expected to hit the shelves August/ September this year.

You can now purchase Ashmore here.



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