Yarn Stash Tips: How to Get That Yarn-Mail Feeling from Your Stash

Yarn Stash Tips: How to Get That Yarn-Mail Feeling from Your Stash

Whether you're a knitter, crocheter or yarn enthusiest I'm guessing you know and love that thrilling feeling of unwrapping a gorgeous parcel of yarn mail, but is it possible to get all the feel-good vibes from what we already have? Yes indeed it is. In this post, I am going to share with you my top five tips for falling in love again with your stash.


How New Yarn becomes Stashed Yarn

Life sure can get busy hey? It’s so much fun to purchase new and exciting skeins and they can fill us with such hopes of all the beautiful things we make. Whenever I am drawn to purchase a particular skein (or 10) my mind is flooded with ideas and lovely plans, and it's just so exciting when I receive that beautiful yarn-mail. I feel like if I could cast on then and there I would, but more often than not I am on my way out, rushing to pick the kids up or take them to sport, so I will pop said yarn carefully away with the intention of making plans to use it later. The problem is that the definition of “later” can mean very different things: For me (in the moment of unwrapping yarn), “later” could mean either “When I get home” or “Tomorrow” or “On the weekend”. But in real life “later” can mean anything from a week to a decade. Ehem, yes a decade. Because let's face it, I’m busy, I don't get to knit all day (how good would that be?). I already have multiple WIPs on the go and I do have quite a lot of yarn (one of the perks of being a yarn dyer with a yarn biz).


Why Does Stashed Yarn Lose its Sparkle?

As illustrated above new yarn can become stashed yarn through the sheer busyness of daily life and commitments. It can also become part of the stash intentionally, when we purchase yarn that we have plans for sometime in the future, or when we select a yarn based on being drawn to the colourway with no set plans for it at this stage.

This is in no way saying that stashed yarn is in any way bad or undesirable, yarn stashes are magical, they tell our stories and this will look and feel different for each of us.

I personally love having a stash on hand as I am rather spontaneous when it comes to actually casting on, and oftentimes end up making something that is nothing to do with the original idea I had when I acquired it.

A downside to stashing yarn is that it can sometimes get forgotten about or overlooked and therefore become less sparkly and exciting than something new. It can also be overwhelming at times if we feel like our stash is not the way we would like it to be; either too big or small, not organised in the way we would like or when our tastes and preferences change over time.

The good news is that we can easily get that sparkle back. We can feel better about our stashes and see the skeins within them as a source of joy, fun and definitely worthy of that yarn-mail-feeling.

Baskets of yarn with a text overlay: 5 Ways to put the sparkle back into your stashed yarn. 

Five Ways to Put the Sparkle Back into Your Stashed Yarn


1. Yarn of the Week

One of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to a yarn stash is that oftentimes we have our yarn safely tucked away in containers and/or zip lock bags (gotta keep those moths away!). This is important for the longevity of our precious skeins but it does mean we miss out on opportunities for eye candy. In order to revive that off-the-shelf-from-your-fave-yarn-store charm, try selecting a skein or two (or 10) to display for a week on your altar or a special spot in your home. This would ideally be somewhere that you will frequently see them. There’s nothing like a bowl of hand-dyed sock yarn to get those feel-good vibes going and revive your knitting mojo. Just make sure to rotate them regularly to keep you inspired and to make sure they don’t get nibbled.


2. Stash Play Date

Just because we're all grown up now doesn't mean we can't play and have fun. Set some time aside regularly for stash play. This can be done alone or invite the girls around and make a day of it. Pull out your stash and just have fun with it! Sort it, stack it, hug it. Tell stories about where some of your special skeins came from. Just relish in the joy of yarn. I've enjoyed some lovely stash sessions with friends where we have helped one another organise or clear out our stashes. It's amazing how many stories and memories can be connected to each skein or dye lot. 


3. Yarn Declutter

Perhaps it's time to Marie Kondo your yarn stash? Take some time to declutter and organise your yarn collection. Sort through your stash and set aside any yarn that no longer sparks joy or doesn't fit with your current crafting preferences. You can donate or swap these yarns with fellow crafters who will appreciate them more. By decluttering your stash, you'll create space for the yarns that truly inspire you and make room for new creative projects.


4. Store Your Leftovers Separately

Keep your leftover yarns organised and easily accessible by storing them separately from your main stash. Designate a special container or area specifically for these leftovers, sorted by colour or weight. This way, when you're working on a project that requires just a small amount of yarn, you can easily find the perfect match in your leftover stash. Plus, storing leftovers separately can inspire new creative projects and prevent them from getting lost or forgotten in the depths of your main stash.


5. Yarn Lucky Dip

Who doesn’t love a yarny surprise? (hello yarn clubs!) What if I told you there are such fun surprises within your stash waiting for you to find them?

Here's how to play Yarn Lucky Dip

Prepare: Depending on the size and location of your stash, you may like to select a large basket, bucket, or container and fill it with yarn before you begin (If you do this, try not to pay too much attention to what skeins make it into your container).

Step 1: Sit comfortably within arms reach of your stash or container of yarn and close your eyes.

Step 2: Take a moment to breathe deeply and centre yourself.

Step 3: Reach your hands into the container with your eyes closed and pull out one lovely skein. This may be the first skein your fingers touch or you might like to spend some time rummaging through your collection. Either way, keep your eyes closed for this step.

Step 5: Once you have selected your skein, hold it in front of you or pop it in your lap and open your eyes. You may like to say to yourself “Yay yarn mail!” Or “Hey, I remember you!” Or just look at the skein with fresh eyes.

Step 6: Spend a few moments taking in everything you notice visually about the skein: its colours, texture, the twist, the fibre content, the weight. What do you love about it?

Feel free to set the skein aside and repeat the above steps as many times as you like to generate extra fun and excitement.


    In Conclusion

    There are so many ways that we can connect with and appreciate what we have in our stash and bring back that sparkly feeling that we experienced when it first arrived. Whether it's making a game of it like a lucky dip, creating a special display area, or inviting some yarn-loving friends around to share stories and ideas, I encourage you to have fun with it. Give one or all of these steps a try and feel the difference it makes.

    I hope these tips have inspired you to reconnect with your yarn stash and rediscover the joy of crafting with what you already have. 

    Which of these strategies are you excited to try? What is your biggest stash-related struggle right now? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

    Happy making!

    Rebecca xx



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