Georgie Hallam, our favourite Aussie pattern designer, she started out designing knitting patterns for her barbie dolls when she was little, jotting down her ideas in a little note book. Now-a-days Georgie is all grown up and still scribbling down pattern notes and ideas on her ever faithful iPad. Georgie now also has one adventure bound husband and two adorable yet exuberantly messy and creative children.

A typical day for Georgie includes squeezing in a bit of knitting at the beach, in the park, while playing games with the kiddies, soothing and feeding those kiddies, on road trips, reading stories along with the daily domestic goddess duties.

Georgie’s patterns are beautifully written, her designs are classic, simple and gorgeous.

“I love simple clean lines, seamless knits, bold colours, beautiful yarn and the quick thrill of creating kids knits.” 

Please take the time to check out Georgie’s website here. You can also find her pattern Gidday available for purchase here at Augustbird as well as some Tikki designed hand-knits.




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